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Japan Rail Pass – 7 days CHF 262 NOW

The JAPAN RAIL PASS (JR Pass) is a special ticket that is available only to travellers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sight-seeing. This ticket is not available for purchase in Japan so you must buy your ticket before you travel.

The JR Pass gives tourists unlimited travel on all JR trains across Japan, including the Shinkansen Bullet Trains, which is an experience in itself! If you are travelling to Japan and looking to explore the entire country freely, the JR pass is renowned to be the best choice.

A 7 day Ordinary Japan Rail Pass is only CHF 250 Now. (EXCEPT NOZOMI AND MIZUHO).

JR Pass includes:

・JR Trains (shinkansen, local trains,limited express trains, express trains, and rapid trains) *Please note JR Pass is not valid on Nozomi and Mizuho trains

・Tokyo Monorail from/to Haneda airport

・Certain non-JR trains that lead to JR lines

・Local JR buses

・JR Ferry to Miyajima

 Rate: 142 updated as of 18 Nov 2016
Ordinary Green (1st Class)
Adult Child (6-11y/o) Adult Child (6-11y/o)
7 Day Pass 262 131 350 175
14 Day Pass 418 209 567 284
21 Day Pass 535 267 738 369
*Green car seats refer to first class seating that are very popular to foreigners for its comfort and a good value. The Green Car provides spacious seats that recline, a foot rest and space to rest your legs.It also features travel magazines, larger windows, radio sets, and luggage space that are commonly known to be limited in ordinary seating areas.           

To check train times and prices please use the Hyperdia website. If you are travelling on your Japan Rail Pass please be sure to untick the NOZOMI / MIZUHO / HAYABUSA box in the "SEARCH DETAILS" options as your pass is not valid on Nozomi trains.

Check your eligibility to obtain a JR Pass here

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